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Dong-Chin Lim
Attorney Dong-Chin Lim graduated from Seoul National University and Graduated School of Judicial Training, and further studied international law, international private law and the civil procedure law at Freiburg University in Germany together with training at various instances of German courts. After serving as judge, he established Lim, Chung & Suh in 1980, and actively worked on corporate and business laws, international trade and transactions, maritime, insurance, patents, corporate litigations and arbitrations. On 2003 he voluntarily retired from active duty as senior managing partner, purporting to give younger partners more freedom and opportunities. 

E-mail : ldc77@namsanlaw.com
Mihwa Chung
Attorney Mihwa Chung graduated from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and completed his training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. In his earlier years he focused on human rights, labor, and corporate area. Afterwards, he received master’s degree for comparative law at Washington State University Law School and became a member of the State of New York Bar. Since joining Lim, Chung & Suh in 1997, he is concerning on construction, financing, fair trade, franchise, international trade and transactions. in 2003, he became the senior managing partner. He also serves for civil causes, as a member of the Judicial Reform Commission, Committee for Law Interpretation, and Citizens’ Union for Economic Justice.

E-mail : ns1110@namsanlaw.com