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Lim, Chung & Suh at a Glance
Lim, Chung & Suh (“LCS”), without taking advantage of enlarging the firm by merging with other law firms for the mere purpose of expanding its size, has devoted itself in accomplishing the goal of providing specialized and tailored legal services for the specific needs of its clients, which has always been the ultimate goal of LCS since 1980 when its predecessor, Law Offices of Namsan, was founded.  

Based on such traditional and long standing goal of benefiting clients in both private and public sectors, our professionals pride ourselves on providing a full suite of legal services for corporate and individual clients including public and government organizations who require the highest level of legal advice in transactions and representations in dispute resolutions as well as in criminal cases.  

With a legacy of our outstanding legal services, LCS has been continuously supported by many of our long-term clients who have been satisfied with our professional services for more than 30 years. LCS also holds its prominent position as “small but strong” law firm as found in the survey conducted by Chosun Ilbo which LCS was the only boutique law firm in size that was selected together with large size law firms as “the law firm which the clients would like to immediately engage for their legal issues”.  

Considering the significant values of LCS such as giving priority to people and pursuing the excellence in quality rather than the quantity, LCS is ready and capable of offering the legal services satisfactory to the specific needs of the clients in the current diversified social and corporate environment.
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기업의 입소문을 듣고
찾아오는 로펌, 일로 승부하는
30년 전통 강소로펌